You Can’t Lose with this Craps System

Ah, so you’re interested in a craps system that can’t lose? Well, there is no such system, but today I’ll share with you a craps system that’s pretty darn close. In fact, there’s only one roll where you “could” lose. After that it’s money in the bank.

Warning: If you like high-paced action and make you sweat types of wagers, this isn’t for you. To make a system for playing craps very safe, we have to get very conservative. Still interested? Okay, let’s go.

I’d recommend playing this system with larger units. Playing $5 or $10 units isn’t going to accomplish much of anything. It’s a decent way to get used to the system, but after that, step it up some. You’ll see why soon enough.

This craps system is so easy that your grandmother could do it in her sleep. The system starts on the come out roll. Don’t know what this is? Look it up. We need to get moving here.

Okay, on the come out roll make a wager on the Don’t Pass Line. For demonstration’s sake, let’s imagine that you just put $30 down on the Don’t Pass Line. Now it’s time to sit and wait. The come out roll-before a point is established-is the only time you can lose. Once the point is established, you can’t lose and you’ll see why in a second.

Since we have a Don’t Pass Line wager, we’ll lose if a 7 or 11 is rolled. But we’ll win with a 2 or 3-12 is barred.

Let’s imagine that the next roll is a 4. The point is now 4. Your next, and last, move is to place the point. Again, if you don’t know what this means, check out any Craps 101 guide. You need to place the point for the exact amount of your Don’t Pass Line wager.

Let’s review. You now have a Don’t Pass Line wager for $30 and a place bet on the 4 for $30.

Possible outcomes include:

A 7 is rolled. If this happens, you lose your place bet, but win your Don’t Pass Line bet. Thus, you break even.

The point is made. If the point is made, you lose your Don’t Pass Line wager, but you win your place bet and you win it with odds. So, that $30 bet on the 4 just paid $90 total. Deduct your $30 loss on the Don’t Pass Line and you’ve just made $60.

One thought on “You Can’t Lose with this Craps System

  1. Joseph Adan

    very pretty, but system doesn’t tell what happens if a 7 or a series of 7’s come out at the first roll–bankruptcy!


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