Online Craps – How to Play Wisely with the Casino Bonus

This article will introduce you to playing online craps while benefiting from the casino bonus. Many such casino websites use as their marketing strategy the bonus offer, some for attracting newcomers to their site, others to encourage you playing more while others offer online bonus craps as a loyalty premium to their customers.

But if you are a newcomer in this virtual world of craps gambling you should know how to benefit from their bonus. Check out with the following suggestions:

  • First of all you must know that online casinos are there to make profits, there is nothing changed in this regard, but aside from the land based peers, they offer these bonuses to entice more gamblers into the play. If you want to turn off your computer as an online craps winner, you must first of all decide on the amount of money that you can afford risking into the gambling.

    You will have afterwards to deposit this amount when signing up with any of the casino websites. The best option for you would be to look for that casino site that has a lower house edge. If you are lucky you can actually win with the money they offer you as a bonus.

  • You can play online craps at a faster pace because here you don’t have to wait for other gamblers to take their turn. While playing with the lowest house advantage you can make the dice roll faster and the faster you play, the faster you can meet the requirements of your bets. It is easier to make your bets when the house advantage is low and be as close as a fifty-fifty game. One word of advice: do not gamble for long because in this case you can start losing.
  • You need to understand the bets that can be a winning hand when there is a low house advantage (below 2%) and which are the losing ones with a high house advantage (more than 4%). In between there are mostly those games considered as potentially winning hands.
  • Once you start playing online craps at faster pace with a low house advantage, you will soon see how easy you can actually clear the casino bonus, but remember to keep the playing short. Do not stretch for a longer period of time because you may lose everything.

But even with these suggestions at hand, do not expect to win always. It may happen to lose the free bonus with many of the online craps games before you meet the requirements of your bets. However, it is important to understand and realize that with losing you don’t have to feel yourself more tempted to deposit more money into your casino account. Simply turn off the computer and think that you have had a bad luck day. Next time you may be luckier.

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    Great tips for playing online craps wisely, especially when it comes to making the most of casino bonuses – thanks for sharing!


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