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Online Craps – How to Play Wisely with the Casino Bonus

This article will introduce you to playing online craps while benefiting from the casino bonus. Many such casino websites use as their marketing strategy the bonus offer, some for attracting newcomers to their site, others to encourage you playing more while others offer online bonus craps as a loyalty premium to their customers. But if you are a newcomer in this virtual world of craps gambling you should know how to benefit from their bonus. Check out with the following suggestions: First Read more [...]

Play Craps Like a Pro

To the beginner, a game like Craps can be rather daunting. Once you have learned the basics and know the rules, however, you will find the game rather simple to grasp. As always, strategy plays an important role and following a calculated and intelligent strategy will assure any player of good, if not always winning, results. A crucial part of craps is for the player to understand that it is a game of rounds. Not much can be done to manipulate the outcome at craps. Instead of trying to predict Read more [...]