Craps Terms – Part One

So you want to play Craps huh? Well, you better know some terminology. In today's article, I'll show you some key Craps terms. There are countless Craps terms out there, but we'll go over just the main and fun ones. Aces: This is a roll of two. When a two is rolled, both dice show one dot, hence the term. 2-Way Eleven: Dealers love this one. When you bet a 2-way eleven, you're making a bet on eleven for you and the dealers. It's a good move to tip the dealers when playing if you're doing well. Any Read more [...]

The History Of Craps

The history of Craps dates back to a dice game called Hazard, which dates back to Bernard de Mandeville in New Orleans in 1813. Hazard is thought to be a descendant of az-zahr, meaning ‘the die’ (the gaming die: al-, the + zahr, gaming die) - a game played by Arabs. The game evolved as it traveled from the Arab countries to France and then England. By the early 1700s, formal rules for Hazard had been established. France adopted the English version of Hazard and is thought to have been brought Read more [...]